17 January 2013

Vegetable Omelette

Vegetable Omelette

Ever have one of those days were you need to fix your Lean and Green but realize there is no meat to be found?  Nothing thawed... no fresh... nothing.

But you have eggs don't you.  Everyone has eggs.  

This recipe is for those days.  
Or the days you just are really craving an omelette.  
Or the days you want breakfast for dinner.  
You get the idea.

Here is what you need.

3 eggs 

Goodness that is a short list.  But this is THAT easy a thing.  

Now for the "fine print".  If you are doing TSFL you may have 3 whole eggs 1x a week or 2 every day if you choose.  You may also use a combination of whole eggs and egg whites or all egg whites.  The quantities you are allowed are in your quick start guide.  As for the vegetables. Please also refer to your Quick Start Guide.  I used 1 C raw spinach, 1/2 C white mushrooms, 1/2 C tomatoes.  Any combination would work.  

Throw the tomatoes and mushrooms in a non stick pan.  

Saute until they are soft & yummy.

Add the spinach.  Cook until wilted.  Remove.  We are using the same pan to make the Omelette because who likes extra dishes... no me!

Mix up the eggs.  Grind in some pepper.  Don't salt at this point.  You can add it later to the finished product IF you need it.

I just let the eggs sit in the pan on medium-low w/ a lid over it and cook them through.  I'm not a fan of runny egg.  Cook yours how you like.  Now put on the toppings (which are already cooked and warm).  Fold over... and.....


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