05 January 2013

Getting Healthy

You know how in the Breakfast Club movie Judd Nelson tells Molly Ringwald how in some skinny people you can see the fat person hidden inside… waiting to get out?  

For years, I have felt the opposite.  

I always struggled with the illusive 10 pounds I wanted to loose.  So many of us do.  Then I got pregnant with my first son & gained 50 lbs.  Someone told me it would all melt off while I nursed…. Wrong.  I did lose some – 30 but that left me 20 up from my original 10 I wanted to lose.  Then I got pregnant again.  And again.  3 children later I found myself technically obese.  Obese.  That reality was really really hard.

I was walking around fat but knew there was a thin person fighting to get out.  In fact sometimes I’d catch my reflection in the mirror and think… who’s that fat chick.  Only to realize with horror it was me.  

Have you been there?

I tried Atkins.  I tried South Beach.  I tried Weight watchers.  They all worked.  

For a bit.

But TSFL and my Certified Health Coach Susan LaBelle are what really did it.  I lost 35 pounds.  Now 6 months later I'm going for another 15 to reach my Optimal Health.  The difference between the others and TSFL?  The Certified Health Coach.  Not only was she there the entire weight loss time but she is STILL there.  She helps me set health goals.  Weight goals.  Exercise goals.  She is always there checking on me.  Texting me.  Emailing me. Calling me.  Stalking me.  (Just kidding)

She's been my inspiration to take the next step.  Over the holiday break I became a Certified Health Coach.  I want to be held accountable and to maintain good health.  To pay it forward.  To help those around me who are stuck.   You know who you are.... and you just can’t get a leg up on your health and weight loss. The program I support can help you... if you are truly ready to be helped (not everyone is).

We should all be in this together.  We should talk about this stuff.  We should make health a family topic and a priority.

Another layer I can bring to my new mission of Optimal Health is how to cook.  Now don't get me wrong... I'll still be making pumpkin chocolate cookies during the holidays.  But I won't binge on them anymore.  To help anyone who is interested I'm going to add a new category to this blog titled Lean and Green.  A Lean and Green recipe is just that... made up of lean protein and vegetables.   One of the key components to Optimal Health is removing all the refined & starchy carbohydrates from our daily diet.  Let me help you!  

I'll start posting some of the recipes that have gotten me to where I am now.  And the ones I cook to keep me there.  I hope you enjoy them.  And if you know anyone who could use a Certified Health Coach to help them reach their Optimal Health... let me know!

Jennifer Z. Lewis
 Certified Health Coach
Web site: teamlewis.tsfl.com

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