25 January 2013

Lean & Green in a Restaurant

Restaurants are not our friend when it comes to weight loss.  

The portions are huge.  

There are hidden fats, HFCS, calories, sodium, carbohydrates and artificial ingredients everywhere.

Did you know that crispy beans WITHOUT sauce at PF Chang's will run you 895 calories.  

A chicken chopped SALAD at the same restaurant will run you 670 calories.

Cesear salad at the Cheesecake factory will cost you 860 calories.

And those are things you might order if you were being calorie conscious.  Salads, beans, etc.  

If you wanted to splurge you might order the BBQ pizza and consume 1120 calories.  
And that is the LUNCH portion.

Let's put those calories into perspective.

First a minute on exercise.
If you  believe that exercise alone will get you thin... take a minute and read THIS please.  I'll wait.  It is worth a read whatever you believe.  Good info to have.

Ok... so back to putting those restaurant calories into perspective. If you are doing Take Shape for Life with me and are in weight loss mode you are consuming between 800-1000 very carefully balanced calories a day.  Go back up & look at the calories again.  

So what's a person to eat?

The same thing you do at home of course.

Lean & Green

At any restaurant you should be able to come up with a lean protein and vegetable combo.  You may need to be specific with the waiter.  Leave off the croutons for example   No dressing.  Ask how is that chicken prepared.  Find out if the salad has candied nuts and cranberries in it.  Get chatty.  It is your health at stake here!

One of my clients and closest friends always says...
NOTHING tastes as good as skinny feels.

One of my go-to restaurant meals is the Grilled Chicken Caesar salad (no dressing, no croutons).  You can find that almost anywhere.  Even fast food places like Subway.  Most restaurants will provide you with nutritional content if you ask. Some have them right on the menus.

Be aware of trick words like "low-carb" or "skinny".  Lots of restaurants have options they say are healthier and they may be compared to the 2200 calorie burger and fries.. but that doesn't mean they are healthy ENOUGH.

Here are some examples of things you can order and stay on plan.
"Naked" salad with grilled meat
Grilled chicken or fish with steamed vegetables
Meat & Vegetable Kababs are great.  No sauce please.
Chicken & Vegetable fajitas are a good choice.  No sour cream or guacamole or tortilla.

THIS is a link to the dining out guide published by Medifast. 
If you have a mobile device and you eat out a lot... download this file and search for suggested menu items when you are ordering.


Read my Getting Healthy story.
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