07 January 2013

Lean & Green Basics

So if you are doing Take Shape for Life with me or just interested in eating healthier you should familiarize yourself with the concept of Lean and Green.  

A Lean and Green meal is just that...

Lean protein + non starchy vegetables


Super easy right?

So it breaks down to this.

Pick your protein.
Chicken... great!
Fish... perfect!
Eggs... love them!
Beef... yup!
Tofu... you bet!

The leaner the protein the more you can have.  For example.  If you are eating tilapia you can have 7 ounces.  If you are eating salmon (an oily fish) or steak.... you only should eat 5 ounces.

Now.... as for the vegetables   Pick something non-starchy.  No potatoes, corn, carrots, etc.  Don't worry this part isn't forever.  During your transition phase you can have it all (in moderation of course).

Side comment:
Moderation is a whole other topic... it is lack of moderation that got most of us in trouble in the first place isn't it?  I know I didn't gain weight because I ate ONE small cookie... I gained weight because I ate 10... every day from thanksgiving to New Years.  Anyway.... we are all on track now aren't we!

So back to vegetables. The lower the carbohydrate of a vegetable, the more you can have.

Pick your vegetable.
Salad....3 cups.
Zucchini.....1 1/2 cups.
You get the idea.

If you are doing TSFL with me, all of this is covered in the quick start guide, pages 3-6.

So isn't that easy?  Just mix and match.  How simple is that?

We also want to make sure our L&G's taste good don't we?  Rather than drenching our chicken in sugar heavy BBQ sauce we'll be using spices.  Rather than saturating our salad in fat filled ranch dressing we'll be using a basic vinaigrette (which we make from scratch).

 I will post recipes in the upcoming days / weeks that will support you in your efforts to eat Lean & Green!

Read my Getting Healthy story.
If you are interested in learning more about getting and staying healthy please contact me!

Jennifer Z. Lewis
 Certified Health Coach
Web site: teamlewis.tsfl.com

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