29 March 2013


Easter baskets

Sometimes I think I complicate things.

   It could be so easy.  

I could go to the store and pay for a pre-prepared Easter basket.  

Right?  Most people do that.  


1.  We are Christians and therefore have more reasons to celebrate Easter than a bunny and chocolate.
2. We try not to eat anything with artificial colors or ingredients.
3. We try to limit sugar.
4. We do our very best to eat only organic

So... no peeps for us.

This makes things a little harder.
And a little more fun.

This is what the boys are getting this year for Easter.

Jack (4yo)
This is a veggie tales DVD all about the Easter bunny vs Jesus rising.
Veggie tales rock btw. 

Calvin (6yo)
Calvin is just learning how to read which make the Book perfect and he LOVES mazes.

Oscar (8yo)
Oscar is reading way above his grade level right now so I got him this awesome Heroes / Villains book (Bible Heroes and Villains)... along w/ a crossword puzzle book which I got because he loves to research stuff and each question list the verse in the Bible where the answer can be found.... it's like a clue!

And each basket has a few fake eggs too... but with quarters inside rather than junk.

And because I'm not a total spoil sport... some organic dark chocolate.  My kids are chocolate snobs anyway and would turn their noses up at those hollow milk chocolate bunnies.... so this is a win win.

Happy Easter!
What are you doing this year for Easter baskets?