13 January 2013

Chicken and Salad

Chicken with Salad is my most frequent meal I make.  It is simple, basic, easy, yummy.  It uses one of the leanest proteins available and the lowest carbohydrate vegetable.

If you are stuck in a plateau or looking for a relatively inexpensive Lean and Green here you go:

Chicken and Salad

Throw some chicken in a pan.  If you are in weight loss mode - try to keep your serving to a 6 ounce portion. Use a non stick pan.  Sprinkle on the magic.. post about cooking meat HERE.

Skip the salt.  You may not miss or need it.  Finish it later if you have to with a light sprinkling.

Cook, flip, spice, cook.

Now throw about 3 cups lettuce into a big bowl.

Put about a teaspoon of vinaigrette on.  Recipe here.  Toss.


Yum.  I've been part of Take Shape for Life since March 2012 and I STILL make this 2+ times a week.  You can also chill the chicken, dice it and toss right into the salad.


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