21 September 2011

If I had a Lemon Tree

Well I did have a lemon tree once. 

A long time ago when we lived in San Diego... but that's a whole different blog. 
It was before kids.... that was a whole different life.

If I had a lemon tree NOW I'd do so much.  Lemon cake.  Lemon pie.  Lemon tea.  Lemon chicken.  Lemon this and Lemon that..... I LOVE lemons.  And don't even get me started on if I had a LIME tree.....

Back to Lemons.  Oh and there is of course.... Lemon Drops..... lots and lots of Lemon Drops. 

18 September 2011


 Not quite ready for summer to be over? Make yourself a margarita & crank up the heat.  Invite some friends over & toast to "summer"!

There are so many different ways to make a margarita and everyone has a favorite.  I tend to like the simple recipies w/o added sugar or sweeteners.  Here is our basic go-to recipe.  Hope you like it!

This is all you need.  Tequila, Oranges & Limes. 

Well and some salt of course. 

Gold Tequila works well too btw.

15 September 2011

Pasta alla Carbonara w/ Peas

Yum, right? 

The first time I went to Italy was with my family while I was a teenager.  Pasta alla Carbonara was something we ordered.  A lot.  In every little city we went to.  I think this was partially due to the fact that every time we ventured into unknown territory we got something odd like pizza w/ a pile of pickled capers on it (true story).  So Carbonara was our safety food there.  And was it GOOD.  The Italian version is super simple and therefore super good.  Sometimes here in the States you'll find Carbonara with cream.  Stay away.  Make this & you'll never go back.

It is so easy and simple and quick.  Pasta.  Eggs.  Bacon.  Cheese. Pepper.  Seriously.  Everyone has that stuff on hand all the time.  Next time you don't know what to make for dinner?  Well you know now..... 

Pasta alla Carbonara.  Make it.  You won't be sorry.

This is the ultimate kid friendly, adult friendly dish.  It is soooo good - did I say that already?  Especially as we move into fall now and the smell of bacon in the house is so lovely.  Not that there is ANY time of year where we don't like to smell bacon...  

08 September 2011

Where did the spoons go?

 As school begins I am reminded of a lesson my mother tried to teach me but I insisted on learning on my own.... the hard way.

I have fancy flatware (special occasion stuff) and everyday flatware.  My mother warned me years ago to go out & buy some "kid-ware" or I think she called it "picnic flatware".  The kind you get at goodwill and don't bat an eye at if you are missing some.

I didn't do that.  I didn't want yucky ugly stuff messing up the aesthetic of my flatware drawer.  We had 2 complete sets of Mikasa Dune.  That's my favorite pattern.  So simple.  So beautiful.  It runs about $45 a placesetting.  We had 20.  I am now down to 9 spoons.  NINE. Over the past 12 years I've managed to lose 11 spoons.  I couId kick the younger version of me.

I have to assume since my mother warned me this would be a common problem for a domestic that maybe you have lost a spoon or two as well?

This is what my flatware drawer looks like now.  See the Mikasa?  Isn't it pretty?

01 September 2011

Weekday Breakfast Part II


Well sort of. 

Yesterday I told you about my weekday breakfast Part I.  Today we cover Part II. 

This is what I eat for breakfast most weekdays.  I love it.  It is healthy, yummy and super fast (if you've made it before hand).  This recipe makes 8 servings. And this doesn't have to be just for breakfast either.  I've served this along side a salad for lunch as well and that was a hit too.  The nice this about this "quiche" is that there is obviously no crust which is a calorie saver.  Don't we all need that!?

Anyway.  Here is all it takes.  It takes about 15m prep and 1 hour baking time.  I let it cool, cover and refridgerate.  Then when morning comes I take a slice and microwave it for like a minute. And boom.  Quiche for breakfast.  Super fast like.