08 September 2011

Where did the spoons go?

 As school begins I am reminded of a lesson my mother tried to teach me but I insisted on learning on my own.... the hard way.

I have fancy flatware (special occasion stuff) and everyday flatware.  My mother warned me years ago to go out & buy some "kid-ware" or I think she called it "picnic flatware".  The kind you get at goodwill and don't bat an eye at if you are missing some.

I didn't do that.  I didn't want yucky ugly stuff messing up the aesthetic of my flatware drawer.  We had 2 complete sets of Mikasa Dune.  That's my favorite pattern.  So simple.  So beautiful.  It runs about $45 a placesetting.  We had 20.  I am now down to 9 spoons.  NINE. Over the past 12 years I've managed to lose 11 spoons.  I couId kick the younger version of me.

I have to assume since my mother warned me this would be a common problem for a domestic that maybe you have lost a spoon or two as well?

This is what my flatware drawer looks like now.  See the Mikasa?  Isn't it pretty?

 Do you notice something else?  Off to the left?  The horrid gold stuff?  That is now my "kid-ware" or "picnic ware section".  The gold works well because anyone unloading the dishwasher can easily identify that it doesn't go in the main section. 

Here is a blow up shot.

I know.  It's terrible.  So GOLD.  (Forgive me if you have gold flatware... I'm sure YOURS is great... it just isn't MY cup of tea.) 

Now I live a carefree flatware life.  I don't care if it doesn't come home from school.... or if the kids need to use it to dig a hole.  Or if I need to use it to pry something loose.

Do you have "kid-ware" or "picnic-ware"? 


  1. A whole bunch of plastic picnic-ware and some smaller kid sized forks and spoons. The normal silverware is way too big for my kids.

  2. you know jenn, gold is the hot stuff these days. it goes for $1900 an oz. you're ahead of the game and you don't even know it!