18 September 2011


 Not quite ready for summer to be over? Make yourself a margarita & crank up the heat.  Invite some friends over & toast to "summer"!

There are so many different ways to make a margarita and everyone has a favorite.  I tend to like the simple recipies w/o added sugar or sweeteners.  Here is our basic go-to recipe.  Hope you like it!

This is all you need.  Tequila, Oranges & Limes. 

Well and some salt of course. 

Gold Tequila works well too btw.

Squeeze some juice.  Orange & lime.  Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.  I'm sure you have some sort of fancy smancy squeezer.  We did too & it broke.  So we went the manual route.  Works just as well.

Fill your glasses w/ lots of ice.  Or none.  Totally up to you.  Salt the rim. Or don't..again.. up to you. 

Add: 1part tequila, 1 part lime juice, 2 parts orange juice.  It is THAT simple. 


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  1. yum! it's post like these that make me wish i were in pdx hanging with you this sunday afternoon.