18 August 2011

Give it back

It is important to make an impact, leave a fingerprint on society if you will. As a mother one of the largest ways to do that is to devote ourselves to our children. For me that takes 95% of my energy. And I'm thrilled about that. I am thilled that a large part of my contribution to this world are my boys.

I think God want more from us.

I read a book about raising boys once that stressed the importance to be an advocate for all children. If you are volunteering at your kids school and you see someone elses kid get bullied, fall and get hurt, or whatever it is your obligation to step in and help that child.

My mom did that. I vividly remember 3rd grade. We were reading a book and my mom was the volunteer who helped a small group "discuss it". There was one boy who the teachers warned her about. She shouldn't expect anything. He was a "bad seed". She ignored those teachers and conducted our small group as though we were all future PhD's. Do you know what? That bad seed kid did the best. He rose to her expectation of him... just as he had fallen to his teachers expectations of him.

Right now in East Africa children are dying. It is estimated that 29,000 children have died in the last 90 DAYS from famine in Somalia alone. They are not my children. They are not your children. But they are someones children. Help them. They aren't asking for much. $5 is all. Have you bought your Grande Soy Chai Latte yet?


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