19 August 2011

Accessible Snacks

I don't remember where I heard this gem but I love it. "Never do something for your kid if he/ she could do it themselves." I try to remember this. It is so easy to do things for our kids. We love them and most of us get joy from "serving" our families. That being said.... isn't the primary job of a SAHM (or any parent) to raise children who can be self sufficient well balanced members of society?

I go through phases where I find I'm doing everything for them and then I remember my motto above. If they can be taught to do something themselves... teach them! It might take longer at the beginning but eventually you can be reading a book while they put away their own laundry! Or finally have time to dry your hair while they take out the garbage.

This brings me to one of the areas I've focused on. Snacks. Not meals. I'm talking about every 20minutes when they say, "I'm hungry mom." If you set up a snack area - you can answer (as I do now)... "well go get a snack!" I always have a bowl of fruit around. Yogurts in the fridge and cheese sticks. Then I've organized our snack cupboard.

There is the home-made granola, cold cereal, crackers, etc. And the easy access bin where individual servings are ready to grab. This works great if you need a snack in the car too. I have oranges, applesauce, crackers, peanuts, Kids Z-bars, gummies, etc. And I also have all our plastic bowls, plates & cups down where the kids can get them. Mommy free snacks and drinks!

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  1. this is a gem. and i've seen it in action. it works!