28 February 2012

Kids Bedtime Box

We have a problem at our house.
 We have dark hallways.  And when you have dark hallways coupled with little boys who have overactive imaginations you have a problem.  We’ve ended up with imaginary monsters and pretend ghosts.
Here is what we are trying.

 The idea is to empower the boys to use their imaginations against their own imaginations.  Read that again.  Empower the boys to use their imaginations against their own imaginations.
I know it is sort of quick and dirty and I am sure some of you could do nicer versions.  But we were desperate here…. I have 3 children and there is 1 of me.  Which means there are often times situations where 1 little boy is left to put on their jammies all alone….. far far away from mommy… past dark doors.  You get the idea.

In it is….

1) A squirt bottle filled with Magic Water
(this is to mist into any space the kids think might have something scary in it)
2) A flashlight which shoots Magic Light (to light dark spaces)
3) A favorite book (to read to take their mind off the scary stuff)
4) A spare blankie (for comfort)

The boys are excited.  We talked about each item in the box.  We prayed for bravery.  And so far it is working.

I'd love to hear if you have any other ideas you've used to help  kids with their night time fears!

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