26 February 2012

A BIG tall cake with a cherry on top....

The kids always get to pick the food for the day on their birthday.  Jack turns 3 monday.  Every time I asked what he wanted for breakfast he'd say "a BIG tall cake with a cherry on top", when I asked what he wanted for dinner he's say "a BIG tall cake with a cherry on top", when I asked what flavor he wanted his cake to be he'd say "a BIG tall cake with a cherry on top."
So guess what this blog post is about? 


A BIG tall cake with a cherry on top.

Turned out kind of Dr. Suess-y.

This cake has 3 parts.  The cake.  The simple syrup.  The frosting.

The Cake
I started with the cake.   I used THIS trusty recipe.  I have made this a number of times.  It is really good.  Simple to make and adaptable if need be. But instead of the K.A. GF flour I used my own mix and instead of the cake enhancer I use Meringue Powder (1 T). 

So I mixed up the batter.  Since Jack wanted a BIG tall cake I decided to use small layers.. and LOTS of them.  I used some individual tart pans.  Put 1/2 C cake batter in each and bake for 20 m in 350 oven.  You should get about 12 layers.


Shave off the uneven tops.  Call husband in to sample......

The Simple Syrup

1/2 C water, 1/2 C sugar, 1/4 C cocoa. Mix, heat until boiling and set aside.

The Frosting

I decided to do a Blueberry Cream Cheese - Whipped Cream Frosting.  Here is my recipe:

3 oz soft cream cheese
2 oz soft butter
1 pinch salt
1/2 t lemon zest
1 t lemon juice
1/4 blueberry puree (blueberries pureed & strained)
2 1/2 c +/- powdered sugar

1 C whipped cream

Get your stuff ready.

Throw everything but the sugar into a mixer.

Throw in the sugar.  Mix mix mix.  If you don't thing it is thick enough.... add more sugar.  Whip the cream until it is stiff peaks.  Fold together.

Now... The Assembly

Pretty simple really.  1 layer of cake.  Brush with chocolate simple syrup.  Dollop of frosting.  Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat... you get the idea.  Since this is a TALL cake you will need some skewers.  This picture shows 1 skewer, once I was finished with all 12 layers I needed 3 skewers.  Even with skewers it gets pretty tippy.  Reminds me of my trip to Pisa Italy.  You should serve it immediately after assembling...

He was pretty happy!


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