02 October 2011

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa


Tomatillos are one of those thing I never went out and bought.  Then I joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm where we bought a "share" and every week all year round we get a portion of whatever they harvested that week.  Or in some cases didn't harvest... once in a while natural disaster occurs (hail) or pests get in (deer) and our "share" is smaller.  That is all part of investing and supporting local farms.  We love it.  And they deliver to our door.  Fresh, local, organic food.  It is beyond awesome. 

It has expanded my cooking.  I am forced to cook local, seasonal, year round ... which is healthier but sometimes challenging.  Like the giant heads of cabbage that comes week after week after week in the late fall and all winter.  But most of the time I love getting to cook with the food they bring.  Which brings us to tomatillos.

The last few weeks I've been getting about a pound of tomatillos a delivery.  Now in the past I've made soups, green enchiladas, etc.  My current favorite is salsa.  Very spicy salsa.  And the spicier it is the more likely I get it all to myself.  Yum.  Here is what I did today.

Take about 1 pound tomatillos, husk and rinse them.  Peel 1 small head of garlic (about 12 cloves).  Rinse about 6 or 7 small cherry tomatos.  Place it all on lined jelly roll pan.

Broil.  Until charred.  Be careful not to catch the parchment paper on fire.....
it's possible..... just sayin.

Now you can use a blender here, food processor, or a large container w/ a stick blender.  I almost always opt for the immersion blender.  It is just SO easy.

Throw in a seeded chipotle pepper.  Big or small.  One or two.  One big pepper and a tablespoon of Adobo sauce will add some definate heat.  There is mine... right in the middle. 

Blend blend and blend.

There you go.  It is so good you'll want to eat it by the spoonful.  Which you could I guess.  I liberally spooned mine over thinly sliced seared steak and avocado on a warm tortilla.  The cool avocado was perfect with the spicy salsa.  Enjoy!

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