28 April 2012


Ever have an idea so obvious you are sure everyone knows about it and no one bothered to tell you? 

I have had one.  And probably you all know about this and do it already.... why didn't you tell me?

I make bread a lot.  I make scones a lot.  I make pizza a lot.  I roll out cookies a lot.

I usually dip my hand into the bin of flour to sprinkle it on my surface.  No more.  I use shakers.  And you should too.

I cleaned out 2 empty spice jars and put all purpose flour in one... cornmeal in the other.  Brilliant right?  Again... how come no one told me?

Now when I roll out pizza, dough or whatever.... I use my flour shaker! I am in love with this idea.  It is so nice... less mess, even distribution, etc.

And when I pull out my preheated pizza stone to sprinkle cornmeal onto so the pizza doesn't stick...... I use my cornmeal shaker!!

Go... tell the world... oh wait... you all already knew right? 

Oh well.


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