21 January 2012

What to do with all those LEGO's

I have boys.  And boys have Lego's.  I've been searching the internet and questioning my friends for what to do with all the Lego's.  And we are at the beginning... my oldest is 7.  There is more to come for sure.  My system of "organizing" was a pile of various sized plastic containers with lids. That had a lot to be desired.  I didn't like the pile in my family room for starters but most importantly it wasn't accessible for spontaneous play. 

Then I had an idea.  A good one.

What is it you ask and why is it so great?  The idea is so simple really.... I bought THIS from Ikea. The real genius is what we did TO it.  We put casters on the bottom.  Yup... big wheels. That is the idea people.  So simple right?

And the best part?  It works.  Obviously it stores the Lego's.  We bought mostly shallow drawers so the kids can see the parts.  But it easily MOVES where the kids want to play.  Often they play on the kitchen table... it moves there.  Or the dining room. Or the family room.  Or the living room.  It moves to the middle of the room so they can play on both sides.  And the top is the perfect height for a little "assembly desk".

So quick go make one for your house too! 

Here is what we did.  And by WE I mean my husband who is our in-house handy man

First of course you have to assemble the furniture from Ikea.  Then head to the hardware store.  Buy 4 big casters.  4 pieces of wood, some screws and liquid nails.

 Darren glued the wood to the 4 corners.  Then pre-drilled holes for the casters.

 Then screw them in.
Here is shot of what it looks like.

And here are some pictures proving it works.  The kids LOVE it.  And USE it. 

Happy playing!


  1. The casters are genius! We have a similar, stepped organizer with legos in one bin, but I love the idea of a dedicated cabinet that can move with & is a play surface!! Nice work!