06 November 2011


I know it is strange to be reading a blog about zucchini in November.  I threw a Halloween party and my friend showed up with this HUGE zucchini.  I am pretty sure she brought it as a joke.  Little did she know......

I grated up the entire thing and packaged it into freezer bags then tried a few zucchini recipies.  It's been zucchini week here as a result.

So the first thing I tried was Martha Stewart's Zucchini cupcake recipe.  I more or less followed the recipe.

Except I omitted the nuts and the frosting... making them borderline "muffins" rather than cupcakes.
There were great!  The boys ate them up as fast as I would let them..

Then I tried zucchini fritters.  I started with a recipe I've wanted to try from Smitten Kitchen.  I follwed the recipe exactly and then went and fried them up in reserved bacon fat.  Yum.  I had them for lunch 3 days in a row. 

And lastly I made a chocolate zucchini cake.  Believe it or not I had never made one before.  My mom made them but I've never had SO much zucchini that I was looking to add it to chocolate cake. 

This one turned out really good. 

Again, I omitted the nuts and had to cook it 10 minutes longer than called for.  I took it to a "mixer" for my sons school and it got smiles and nods from the other parents as they ate it.  That's good I guess right?

So there you have it.  My zucchini week in the middle of November.  And now thanks to my friend my freezer is stocked so I can have "zucchini week" anytime I want!

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